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I no longer sell RAF Clocks nor propellers, but I continue to sell my books on RAF Clocks and WW1 Propellers.

Research Service

I have collected and researched British and German propellers for over 20 years, and have written 5 books on British WW1 propellers and 4 on German.  If you have one of these I can provide you with a description of your wooden propeller, which will include: an explanation of the data stamped on the propeller; information on the aircraft for which it was designed; its value, and a description of the company that made it.

My intention is to give you a document to keep with your propeller, which can also be used as an insurance valuation.

If you would like to use this service please send details of your propeller, together with clear photographs of the data stamped on it to the following email address:

The charge for this service is 15.00 GB pounds, which will be invoiced to you through PayPal.  If I cannot provide any information, or only a little, there will be no charge.

I need your help for my research.

If you own, or have details of any British or German propellers from WW1 please tell me.  I would appreciate photographs and details of the data on the hub.

If you own an RAF dial clock, or an RAF mantel clock, please send me details of the information stamped on the back plate of the movement.  I have been recording such data for over 20 years and now have a database that reveals the batches of production.